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Subscription Plan Terms


This Agreement is made between Barber X Bar and the Subscriber/Customer, depending on the selected Plan and is based on the following terms and conditions.

Upon subscribing to a Plan the Customer agrees to these terms.


Subscribing to one of our Plans means that you will be setup on a direct debit subscription plan with Barber X Bar, through the Stripe payment gateway.

Subscription to a Plan is for a minimum of 6 months totalling a minimum $520 commitment

Services (i.e. haircuts, shaves, coffee) as part of any Plan are for the Subscriber/Customer listed on the membership only and are not transferrable to friends or family.


Barber X Bar shall provide all services to the Customer in accordance with the chosen Plan.


Walk-ins are available though cannot be guaranteed.

We highly recommend booking in to reserve your spot as one is not guaranteed if you walk in on the day.

Barber X Bar may be fully booked on any day or time that the Customer wants to make a booking. The Plans do not guarantee a spot on any given day and bookings should be made in advance to avoid disappointment.


In order to utilise any Plan subscribed to, the Customer must ensure all payments are up-to-date in order to maintain an ‘Active’ account status.
The Customer can state their name when in-salon and a member of the Barber X Bar staff will cross check details on the system.

When making an online booking, select ‘Subscription’ from the options available.

Subscription Fees

The price of a Plan may be subject to change, and the Customer will be given ample warning if this happens.


Once you are subscribed to a Plan, the agreed fee will be deducted from your nominated card on a weekly recurring basis. If a payment is missed, defaults or fails, it will be retried again 1 day later.

The system will automatically retry payments up to 3 times.

If all 3 payment retries fail, your Plan will be put on hold. The missed payment (or payments) will need to be paid before the Plan can be reinstated as ‘Active’.


Subscription to a Plan is for a minimum of 6 months totalling a minimum $520 commitment.

Cancellation prior to 6 months will be charged at a pro-rata rate of: $520 minus any payments you have already paid.

Cancellation after the 6 months period incurs no fee.

All cancellations must be made in person, in the Barber X Bar salon.


Subscribing to a Plan and selecting that you agree to the terms as outlined, will be regarded as acceptance of these terms.

This policy is effective as of 14 December 2019.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our terms, service or our website, you can contact us at any time at hello@barberxbar.com.au

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